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In Good Company

Here are a few famous people Vinta Nanda has sourced and found that they rolled a joint and smoked in a high once in a while.<...

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A Ringside View of Circus

Janaky Sreedharan writes that to read a book on circus is, in a way, to revisit our childhood - to recall the color, joy and a...

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Don’t Call her Aunty

Khalid Mohamed finds relief in Masaba Masaba and other fare on the streaming channels currently.

Some dope on pot: It’s Hazy

Vinta Nanda collates information from available materials on the web for us to find out what Bhang, Charas and Ganja mean to I...

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Whose Bollywood is it anyway?

Vinta Nanda disagrees with Kangana Ranaut’s rants on national television, which cleverly camouflage political mischief.<...

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Khushwant Singh: Salaam to the Sardaar

Humra Quraishi writes about the many conversations she had with Sardaar Khushwant Singh. 

Grannies, Groins & Growing up: Sonnets from Early Memories

The experiences in Farrukh Dhondy's childhood that formed the man are worked into a collection of sonnets that are fun, charmi...

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The Standoff: Pataal Lok and Contagion

Vinta Nanda writes about how we process these times when the movies are advancing our future.

Applause: In conversation with Saiyami Kher

Khalid Mohamed in a frankspeak with Saiyami Kher, who has made a huge impact with her performance as a housemaker-cum-bank emp...

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Ten Tips: How to avoid ‘Corona Fatigue’

In the interest of public health, Dr Kishore Madhwani offers tips on how to stay safe and calm.

Worldwide ...

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