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A Cut Above The Rest

A Cut Above The Rest

by Piroj Wadia July 30 2014, 9:17 am Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 57 secs

Life OK has a new show which is worth the eyeballs -- Laut Aao Trisha. A top line cast, with some fresh young faces and a kidnap story, each episode leaves you asking for more. Clearly targeting a timely ending, ?aiming to? wrap up the action in 250 episodes.? This young channel has shown the way to the older ones which are getting stodgier ?with long winded episodes of never ending sagas.? Sony has woken up to the call with Yudh, is it just this once ? It ?should have a few finite shows. From the start, Life OK has taken the plunge with finite series -- like 2612, Do Dil Ek Jaan, etc. ?Keeping a cross generation of ??viewers ?loyal to the channel with shows like Devon Ka Dev ? Mahadev and Adventures of Hatim.? However, Life OK?s USP is the finite approach to a show and a genre mix.

?Laut Aao Trisha is the Indian adaptation of a popular?? Spanish telenovella ?D?nde est? Elisa?? (Where is Elisa?). ??Bhagyashree ?returns to ??television after ?Kacchi Dhoop?, a ??Doordarshan serial, which she did as a child star. Her presence as Amrita Swaika ?heads the marque for the show which? also stars versatile actors ?like? Rajshree Sachdev and ??Eijaz Khan; a hitherto underutilized ?Jai Kalra, and Jiten Lalwani. The missing Trisha is played by model Nalini Negi.

When 18-year-old Trisha Swaika, daughter of business tycoon Prateek Swaika, goes missing from a beach party. After all attempts to find her are futile, the parents?? report her missing. Prateek gets the best investigator, ACP Kabir on the case. Kabir meets the family and immediately realizes that there?s more to the story than meets the eye. After hours of searching, they find Trisha?s discarded phone on the beach. That was the first episode of?Laut Aao Trisha.

Over the next 11 months,? ?Laut Aao Trisha will unearth? the secrets that besiege? ?the Swaikas and their extended family. Nothing will go past ACP Kabir?s eagle eye. ?In its first two weeks, skeletons have ??begun to topple out of the closets for the viewer and ACP Kabir won?t miss a beat. The makers ? the writers and director -- haven?t dragged their feet with atmosphere settings, tardy character introductions, etc. They have cut to the bone in a jiffy. The main characters and their back stories are being unfolded, in the shortest possible time. The air on the small screen is pulsating with excitement?? as each the episode turns and twists with intrigue from Monday to Friday.

Laut Aao Trisha has the all the markings of Indian television?s finest show of 2014. It has a crisp narrative style thanks to the scriptwriter Raghuvir Shekhawat. The back bone of any series or film is the script. His characters are three dimensional, with failings and personal dynamics. The narrative is constantly moving forward. ?While Amrita Swaika is yearning for her missing daughter, her sister-in-law Lavanya shares a tender moment with her own daughter, who has inflicted a wound in the mother?s absence. Lavanya has her share of secrets as does Prateek?s brother Gaurav Swaika, who is uncomfortable about the appearance of Mohit, a family friend. There are layers and layers in the relationships of Laut Aao Trisha.

Finally, a script without the machinations of a saas-bahu plot. It tells a story which is really cutting edge, with characters replete with frailties and relationships which criss-cross as they walk the fine line. Unconventional, gritty and real. I hope it?s the beginning of a new generation of scripts where normal people populate the screens.

The script ?has inspired the actors who have pitched in with sterling performances, the pack leaders are Rajshree Sachdev and Eijaz Khan. As? the crusty and acerbic cop,?? Eijaz Khan is poker faced despite his inner anguish. What can one say about Rajshree Sachdev, she has gone beyond the script with her bitter sweet characterization? Jay Kalra has gone beyond the supporting roles with Prateek Swaika. He has proved his mettle.

Produced by director Nandita Mehra?? and actor Bhairavi Raichura of? 24 Frames?? along with BP Singh of Fireworks Productions, Laut Aao Trisha? will pull in the urban elite? audiences. The makers have gone the whole hog with the production design of the uber cool homes and ?lifestyle that is being depicted on screen. Kudos to the designer for ?the costumes, especially? Rajshree?s??? sarees and jewelry. Honestly, speaking Laut Aao Trisha is presently a cut above the rest, across all channels. Along with Ek Thi Haseena, it will make the television awards juries sit up and notice quality, progressive shows. Even though both are adaptations, their treatment is remarkable. ?Both shows have raised the bar, the challenge before other makers is to keep it raised.

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