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by Piroj Wadia March 16 2015, 1:49 pm Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins, 41 secs

Imagine what would happen when any one of the gods came down to earth? That?s just the crux of? SAB TV?s rib-tickling satire Yam Hain Hum. Yamraj, the god of death is dismayed that people on earth dread him, they see him as a villain who takes lives.? He wants everyone to change their opinion of him to a more positive one.? Accompanied by his trusted aide? Chitragupt he descends to? earth. The city of his choice is New Delhi! In full heavenly regalia, the duo land in the Capital. When they save a child from being run over, blessed by? the grateful mother, who like everyone else they meet thinks they are nautankiwallas masquerading as Yamraj and Chitragupt.

Very quickly the visitors are exposed to the way of the world. They encounter conmen, gangsters, are booked for a crime they haven?t committed, corrupt cops, etc. They find it difficult to accept man?s addiction to gadgets , especially the cell phone and compel them to show restraint. Earlier, whilst in Yamlok, Yamraj had received a message ?about a few individuals. In the course of their walk about, they ?meet an aggressive, unscrupulous insurance agent Baldev, who is struggling with his scooter, the duo offer to help with a gentle push which has Baldev chase the runaway scooter.

In their search for Chandrapuri, their destination, they end up at a wedding mandap.? Mistaken for the Nautankiwallas, they are asked to perform. When they are discovered they are thrown out.That?s when once again they meet Bindiya, the grateful mother of Babloo. On discovering they have nowhere to go she takes them in and adopts ?them as her brothers, who saved Babloo. Bindiya?s family is her husband and children, father in law and her mother. Baldev aka Babloo ke Papa is the same unscrupulous insurance salesman and he doesn?t take to the two oddly dressed house guests, but he can?t refuse. Now that their kinship is one of jijaji and saalaa, Baldev?s life isn?t the same. According to Baldev, Yamraj and Chitragupt bring in more trouble for him?but they can?t be thrown out as soon they have endeared themselves to Papaji and Mummyji. When Bindiya meets with a near fatal accident, Yamraj?s divine intervention pulls her out. They point out Baldev?s unscrupulous methods of selling a policy without taking responsibility for the outcome.

Yamraj and Chitragupt ?are the proverbial misfits who are eager to help and bumble their way about earthly matters, but finally pointing out society?s ?foibles and ?gently correct it. A recent episode on Holi was so in keeping with the message for a safe Holi. They admonished miscreants, who were threatening ?people with black paint, by turning the table on the offenders. ?They show up the ?local halwai of Chandrapuri, who taking advantage of seasonal demand ?hiked up the prices of the sweets and cheated on the weight. But the most important message they conveyed was to play Holi with natural, biodegradable colours and make it? a happy occasion rather than one of dread and terror.

Yamraj and Chitragupt feel homesick, so they make a short trip to Yamlok. Mahish, Yamraj?s buffalo is introduced to chocolates! When they head back to earth, Mahish accompanies them. The buffalo in Baldev?s house and garden poses a new set of problems for Babloo ke Papa. His cronies suggest they call Bakhtiyar, the local doodhwalla. He agrees to take Mahish to his stable as a companion for Surili. The two buffalos hit it off and go wandering. In the process, they are kidnapped to get for the purpose of getting? them married, to appease Yamraj! An elderly woman claims that she sees Yamraj in her dreams constantly. The son is advised by ?a pandit? that by arranging a marriage between? two buffaloes, Yamraj will be appeased! Yamraj and Chitragupt arrive just in time. Mahish simply cannot marry Surily as Yamraj reminds him he is a heavenly being. They ask to speak to the old woman, and discover, that it was her ploy to get her family?s attention.

Baldev is ?forever scheming with his friends for the ouster of the duo.? Currently, Yamraj, Chitragupt and Mahish are tackling the corrupt RTO officials for a driving license. The ticklish point here is that Mahish, is now in the form of a bike and moves himself. Now who should get the license Yamraj or Mahish?

Yam Hai Hum which has completed 50 episodes has raised satire to? another level. The show is replete with humourous but relevant situations which evoke laughter? and an acceptable resolution. Each episode or sequence is in itself a gem of? excellent ?writing and execution. Even though it has had its moments of being ?a bit outrageous like carrying an ATM out of its booth! Or Yamraj pawning his crown. Yam Hai Hum is part of weekday evenings humour fodder.

Manav Gohil as Yamraj and Atul Parchure as Chitragupt are a well matched pair of actors who show a natural? sense of timing, playing off each other. The show reveals a more versatile side of Manav Gohil, who has hitherto been seen in dramatic roles. Yamraj was never so charming with a funny laugh instead of a menacing one.? Good to see Raju Kher back on screen as Pappaji. Indresh Malik as the harried? Babloo ke Papa aka? Baldev, heads the supporting cast of his? cronies who are all true representatives of social rascals.

This magical fantasy, Yam Hain Hum is among SAB TV?s better shows, one looks forward to a continuance.

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