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Prime Time Flavours

Prime Time Flavours

by Piroj Wadia January 24 2017, 2:16 pm Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 37 secs

Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan filled in Baal Veer’s slot in November 2016. The child super hero who was a human endowed with supernatural powers was taken over by a humanoid boy Y.A.R.O. And now asYo Man, he is the new super dude around the block. Y.A.R.O (Young Assembled Robotic Object) a humanoid created by Professor Govardhan Aggarwal, who with his wife Beena Aggarwal considered Y.A.R.O their son. Y.A.R.O is a package of inherited daredevilry and escapades. He’s done his share of saving people from being kidnapped and rescued victims of crime. Being a conglomeration of electric wires and circuits he could short with contact with liquids. A near fatal accident has Dr Aggarwal struggle to reboot him, when his Dadi comes visiting. At first Aggarwal, Bina, and Yaro try to hide the fact that Yaro is a robot from Dadi Cool. Eventually Dadi Cool finds out that Yaro is a robot but due to their true friendship they decide to hide their secret from Aggarwal and Bina. Dadi Cool sees Yaro's magnificent superpowers and decides to turn Yaro into a superhero. With her intelligence, she makes Yaro more powerful then he was before and also outfits him like superhero. In no time Yo Man is fighting criminals. Currently he is trying to trace his missing father. Looks as though the 7,30 p[m slot seems safe with Yo Man.

Last week, Naamkarann seemed to lose its bearings with Avani being kidnapped and taken to a sinister “hospital” for limb mutilation and a life of begging. A staunch devotee of Ganpati Bappa, an act of a decrepit building saves her and the other two children to head for safety, but not without Avani having to run for her life and being saved. Instead of meandering, this sequence jump cuts to Avani back at Mehta House much to Dayavanti’s chagrin and her son Ketan ‘s bewilderment at being outsmarted by the punk! Besides Dayavanti and Ketan there is another member of hate Avani brigade and that is Ketan’s daughter Angie. The latter ruled Dadi’s lap as the only grandchild, but with the coming of Ashish’s and Ayesha/Asha’s son Aman/Amar, Angie’s jealousy goes beyond conniving against Avani. She even kidnaps little Aman/Amar and that has her meet her Dadi’s wrath.

Neela befriends Avani and ensures she has a place in the Mehta family and is brought out of the dingy godown. In the darkened place, the little girl’s faith in her Bappa is unwavered. The cutest scene is Avani’s chat with a white mouse who has been her ally and helper in her darkest moments. In all this activity, Ashish is missing.

Khatmal-E-Ishq, a prime time romantic comedy is a cross-cultural encounter by Kapil Dev Dinka and Loveena Demello and their families. Dominated by the two fathers Dolphy Demello and Hanuman Singh Dinkar, the Goan patriarch is trying hard to pin down Hanuman Singh Dinkar to an old crime he committed. Dinkar slyly thwarts Demello! Dinkar’s earthiness and the absence of a church and toilet are unacceptable to Demello’s westernized Goan standards. The last straw in Demello’s Goan hat is the is gobar massage and a dip in the cold waters of the Ganga.The parrying between the two fathers is the raison d’etre of this show thanks to the two actors Akhilendra Mishra and Sharat Saxena; while Sulabha Arya and Dhruv Singh add to the flavor. The latter’s portrayal as Demello’s goofy lackey isn’t to be missed.

It’s good to see serials being located in places other than Mumbai. Action in Khatmal-E-Ishq started in Mumbai, then moved to Goa and now the heartland UP. Trideviyan is Delhi-centric complete with kitty party friends taking their place in family festivities and events, with a sharp eye on the food table, jewelry and outfits! So is Hum Hain Queens, where in a recent episode, the father of one of the Queens who is a Gujarati makes cracks about dhoklas and garba in Delhi.

Sometimes these multi ethnic touches add a flavor to our prime time.

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