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True Review – Television This Week- Udaan’s Fresh Flight

True Review – Television This Week- Udaan’s Fresh Flight

by Piroj Wadia October 24 2015, 7:53 pm Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins, 55 secs

I often wonder what goes through the minds of the channel heads when they go around changing the timeslot of viewers? preferences. It isn?t a recent phenomenon. The good old days when Doordarshan was the sole channel, UTV?s Shanti the first afternoon soap had been moved to a different slot. Most inconvenienced were the housewives and the seniors, the latter timed their afternoon nap around Shanti?s telecast. When the slot was changed, irate viewers wrote to local papers, called Doordarshan and gave vent to their anguish. When Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyar was found missing from the scene, rumours were that it wasn?t performing well and it was to go off air. Sony Television has a propensity for upsetting viewer schedules and tampering with their likes. Many a good show has fallen prey to their shuffling the deck. The Ronit Roy and Pallavi Kulkarni helmed Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar held eyeballs Monday to Thursdays 10.30 pm. A few weeks back, the episode ended with Pam?s feeble statement about going off to the US. There was no promo about the following week?s actrion. Instead, Maharana Pratap?s marathon episodes took over. Rumours were that IKNMP was going off air. Yet, there are loose strands to tie up like Aarav?s 31 lakh loss, Nivedita?s shenanigans, etc. The channel?s PR seemed clueless about the lacuna. I don?t think Balaji would have allowed a hasty end without rhyme or reason, and a fight. The show has been making a few good plot strides. It would be shameful if Sony had dismissed it. Crime Patrol has taken over Balaji?s prized 10.30 slot shifting IKNMP to 6.30 pm. If the new slot doesn?t help catch the eyeballs, what then? At least, for now viewers are assured that IKNMP will be back in a new slot -- 6.30 pm. The ITA awards included television?s hottest young talent Spandan Chaturvedi and Siddharth Nigam. Both young actors deserve more than just the merit of Desh Ki Beti and Desh Ka Beta. For the young ones, especially Spandan have turned in excellent performances. They need to be recognized for that. Spandan?s Chokkha is simply outstanding for her natural tapori performance. The team of Udaan deserves plaudits. They sure know how to recapture eyeballs with twists, turns and new surprises. Kamalnarayan takes for granted that Chakor is dead. Even when she stands before him as Chokka, he doesn?t recognize her. Yet, she keeps haunting him as a ghost. Dadi and Ammaji, and the latter?s tapori gang know the truth. Ammaji is actually Nayantara, Kamalnarayan?s lost sister. She remembers nothing about how she got to Mumbai and is in quest of answers. Udaan has many loops still to be unraveled and that will probably keep the viewers hooked on. Most importantly Nayantara?s missing links. Police Factory may not be a high end comedy, but it has some moments of hilarity. What?s refreshing is the young ensemble cast. The blockbuster episodes of popular serials are turning into a regular Sunday evening feature. Just how long will they be popular remains to be seen. When they take the narrative forward, does it signal an imminent conclusion of the said show? What is needed is original weekend shows or a series going beyond Comedy Nights and the forthcoming Nagin. In the meanwhile, Jackson Heights is coming to a closure and will remain a singular show, at least for this writer in terms of content and performances.

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