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True Review TV - A New Hope, Old Guard

True Review TV - A New Hope, Old Guard

by Piroj Wadia July 20 2015, 4:33 pm Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins, 52 secs

Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni, Life OK?s 8 pm newbie is already impressing audiences, much the same way as Mahakumbh. It?s a fresh looking show in terms of visuals, new faces share screen space with the veterans and the action never stops thanks to quick cuts. The channel?s spokesperson and the show?s director speak on what will make Roshni tick. LIFE OK SPOKESPERSON Mahakumbh was a high end actioner. You certainly won?t attract the same audience. What strategy are you putting in place to attract viewers towards Roshni? A. Life OK has always been on the forefront of bringing out significant social issues in the form of TV shows like Savdhaan India, Saubhagywati Bhav, etc. to capture audience attention, in order to generate awareness and educate the masses about the right and the wrong eventualities of society. Mahakumbh brought out the grandeur of the century in a thriller based story that was of a different genre. The story was rooted in ancient mythology and approached a much known and a common topic in contemporary times. Similarly, Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni is a medical drama that reflects the common man?s sentiments?in today?s times?regarding the medical fraternity and their presumptions about the medical background. This show is more relatable to the audience and can easily engage them in the day to day happenings of the medical profession. Is the audience ready for a high-end show like Roshni? A. Life OK has consciously invested in creating marquee shows that help stand out as a differentiator in the clutter of Hindi General Entertainment category. Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni, is another opportunity for us at Life OK to touch the deep rooted angst in people and therefore try to melt down this anxiety. Therefore the investments have been directed towards making the show highly authentic and set in current times. Q? We have had successful hospital dramas in the past. Lifeline and Dhadkan were noted for their grim reality and human interest, while Sanjivani had a soap opera feel. Where will Roshni fit in? A. Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni is one more medical drama set in today's times.?The show attempts to dispel the negativity that prevails around the medical system. The show takes an honest look at the profession that is increasingly being perceived as being commercialized. With its socially relevant theme mounted on an international scale, Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni will be unlike any other medical series seen in the past. Amol Palekar returns to TV. Are you deliberately playing that down. A. The concept and nature is very unique and supported by well-known actors. We believe that actors find a firm standing in the show in the?character?they?are playing.?Needless to say, Amol Palekar is a veteran actor and needs no introduction. According to the demand of the script, Mr. Palekar fits best for the role. This show revolves around the life of Roshni and Amol Palekar?s character plays a very important part of the show. Life OK has? re-established the finite series genre. How many episodes is Roshni slotted for? I am sure TRPs will be your prime target. What if Roshni doesn't rake them in? A. The concept and artists associated with the show has so far been enough for our advertisers and supporters to come on board. TRPs are important and will carry their own meaning, but we are very happy with the brands that are already supporting the show. Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni, is not an episodic series, but it is a continuous story that will take the audience through the journey of medical life. It touches upon common concerns and irrespective of it being a finite or infinite story, it manages to cover socially relevant topics. Like Mahakumbh, Roshni too is crossing continents -- Mahakumbh started in Poland. Roshni has set off in London. Is this the channel's USP?? A. Each show created for Life OK has its own unique requirement. The aspect of it being shot across continents entirely depends on the script of the show and the storyline. Hence, it would not necessarily reflect as the channel?s USP. DIRECTOR SUHAIL TATARI Q.What was the inspiration behind Roshni? ?Is it? inspired by the recent popularity of House and Grey?s Anatomy A. Roshni has nothing to do with either House of Grey?s Anatomy. The concept came from the channel. They approached the ?production house Pulse Media. Sanjay? Tripathy who is the? ?producer, is? also ?the writer of Roshni. It is an original concept and takes a look? at all aspects in the?? medical? field. What is the importance of medical dramas on television today? Does it have an audience? A. It is being done in India after a long time. There is a huge audience who want to watch different stuff. If the same thing is dished out over and over again, ?how can we? creative people ?and the broadcasters offer something new? Audiences are deprived of ?different genres. I am thankful to Life OK ?channel that it ?has stepped out with something fresh and new. Tell us about the medical landscape that Roshni seeks to explore? Is it focused on surgery? A. In a way, the focus is on surgery. But it is also on the larger scenario, that is, privatization and public health, the latter is? in shambles where doctors manage without facilities. It looks at the larger landscape of ?health issues.? It raises questions like: Big v/s Best. Are big hospitals with all the facilities always the best? ?Big hospitals are able to provide all services. ?But it comes at a price. It may not always ?mean that big is the best. The? conflict is ?the challenge :how do you balance it out. The story keeps shifting between London and Bhopal . Was that the channel?s brief? A. The channel?s brief is that it? doesn?t? want a typical serial look.? So the shot taking isn?t what we see on TV usually. I have lit it and shot it like a film. The challenge was to? how to make it interesting and yet authentic and ?to keep the ?audience engrossed. Are there any unique aspects in Roshni? A. We are telling a story against a medical back ground, something which hasn?t been done for a long time on Indian television. Also, we are getting into? authentic detailing. Any doctor watching it will be impressed. That has been our basic challenge. What was the process by which the accuracy and authenticity of the medical facts in the serial were ensured? Did you shoot in a hospital? A. As medical accuracy is not our expertise. We had a panel of doctors as advisors. One of them has been with us from the start and is present on the sets whenever ?a technical scene is being shot. He? guides the actors through the procedures and medical terms. ??Our challenge is to interpret the medical action in a way the audience can understand it, stay engrossed and be convinced of its authenticity. The hospital scenes in our films ?and some serials are far removed ?from reality. We earlier shot at Seven Hills Hospital and even in London.? The Bhopal hospital set is? now? ready. Roshni is a young woman surgeon. Was there a specific reason for the choice of a female protagonist? A. Television demands for a female protagonist. The primary audience? is women, so the connect is important. But we also have important? male characters like grandfather played by Amol Palekar and a love interest. Overall, it?s a story of ?human drama and? conflicts against ?a hospital backdrop.? It is also going to be entertaining and informative, as in later episodes we will give health tips to the audience. It?s good to see old actors like Amol Palekar, Divya Seth, Rajpal Yadav and Kurush Deboo in stellar roles. A. Lot of talented actors stopped doing television because of the saas-bahu dramas. Our serial gave them an opportunity for a comeback. We have a few very good actors and it?s exciting to work with Amol Palekar and Divya Seth.The audience will get to see some great acting on television, thanks to Roshni.

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