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True Review TV – Weekend Special & Moments

True Review TV – Weekend Special & Moments

by Piroj Wadia October 3 2015, 6:03 pm Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 30 secs

The newest show to premier on the weekend is SAB TV?s Police Factory. New recruits, being inducted into the training school, are a mixed bag of a prisoner who has been given the chance to reform by joining the police force, a girl who comes from a family of police stalwarts, a gun toting man, a mimic, a timid girl with good manners oozing out of her, and one because he?s in love with the CO?s sister!. The characters and the situations are a flashback to Hollywood?s 1984 laugh riot Police Academy, which had turned into a franchise. But the first was the best. Set in Mohali, it?s a move away from Mumbai and her housing colonies. Police Officer Shamsher Singh Devgan is up for taking over the Police Factory as chief. The contender for the top job is a devious foe who spares no pains to unsettle Shamsher Singh by planting a few hired hands within the recruits who have signed up. ?Autocratic?, yet sincere Shamsher Devgan is known to cuts through the toughest recruit and hews him/her into an outstanding police officer. Police Factory revolves around this motley group of youngsters who have joined it with their personal agendas.?Tarun Khanna?and?Viviana Singh? play the male and female lead roles of Shamsher Devgan and Maya Mohan respectively. Viviana Singh for once is playing a positive role. The recruits have already come to their CO?s aid by retrieving the top brass? wife?s pet dog. It wasn?t without a good bit of hilarity. But by now Shamsher Singh knows his cadets with their warts and strengths better. Police Factory is in the capable hands of DJ's Creative Unit? and Tony Singh. The latter earlier directed Left Right Left. Two episodes aired, this action comedy promises to make the weekends full of laughs. Must admit, that I was quite impressed with this very subtle scene in Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar in which Aarav and Ranveer the errant sons of Ragini and Nachiket make their apologies to their mother. Using the cast of her fractured arm to write their messages. Any time better than the rona-dhona scenes. Someone in Ekta Kapoor?s script team needs a pat on the shoulder. Jhalak Reloaded is entering the final lap. This season has been the mother of all seasons with superlative performances, more than just a noticeable competitive edge and the surprising growth of contestants like Shamita and Shanaya. Shamita seems to be heading for gold. So is Faisal Khan who wants to be the first child contestant to hold the trophy. Each episode has thrilled viewers with high caliber acts and matchless performances. Even the Teen Ka Tadka left one breathless. This time the contestants? wardrobe didn?t raise the shackles of the conservative sections of society. Zindagi?s Jackson Heights is taking a bold route into relationships between the six characters. On one hand there is a relationship between Jamshed, a young Pakistani who comes to New York for opportunities, and Michelle, a middle aged, Pakistani divorcee who owns a restaurant. Salma, a young hairdresser is in a violent marriage, but is drawn towards Bhattisahab, a kind hearted, gentle cab driver, who is in a marriage of convenience with an American woman. It?s Pakistan television?s first foray into Diaspora stories. Director Mehreen Jabbar and writer Vasay Chaudhry must be commended with this truly down-to-earth and?bold tale. The most outstanding performance is by Noman Ejaz who is wonderful as Bhatti, the cab driver. He gives an earthy and infectious performance, especially when he communicates in quaint English -- be it with his wife and her children or with Salma and her daughter Imaan. Bhatti symbolizes people from the sun-continent, who have turned to the West as bread winners for their family, and ensure that they don?t get deported by marriages of convenience. Marina Khan as the aloof and business like Michelle shows a different facet of herself as she softens up to Jamshed?s approaches. Jackson Heights is story telling at its best. Now, we await PeeCee?s foray into television with Quantico. Which will no doubt make Saturday nights feverish at 9 pm.

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