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Shruthi Venkatesh

Shruthi is an enthusiastic individual from Chennai, Tamilnadu. She loves to write and music and travel are her great passions. She is highly interested in social work and enjoys the company of good friends.

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Exercise and activity can preserve brain cells and prevent Dementia

Researchers have found that people who move around more and are active have shaper brains compared to the sloth-like ones even if they have bra...

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National Museum of Indian Cinema inaugurated in Mumbai

In the recent days, Bollywood celebrities were flying on and off for a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss the issues on reducing GST on...

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The unheard voices: Sexual abuse of boys barely addressed

According to a global study, sexual abuse of boys is “barely addressed” by the laws in many countries. The study was developed by t...

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Your morning cup of coffee may be at risk

Scientists have found that more than 60% of the world’s coffee plants are in the edge of extinction. As reported by the BBC, mor...

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How much is too much? Over-involved parents doing more harm than good

Parents play a major role inculcating values in their children. In the modern era, parents are so busy with their children’s lives; they ...

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People who risk their lives to build our Homes

The construction sector, today, is one of the biggest job providers. India has seen a construction boom in recent years as incomes rise and cit...

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Harvest Festivals celebrated across the Country

In today’s world, there is so much of monotony and pressure in everyone’s life that every once in a while, we all want to escape fr...

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23-year old Rapper Octavian wins the BBC Sound of 2019

Rapper Octavian wins the BBC Music’s Sound of 2019 poll voted by a panel of 136 critics, broadcasters and DJs, incl...

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Need for Clear and Concrete Mechanisms for reducing Air Pollution

According to the World Health Organization, India has nine of the world’s 10 most polluted cities, with hazardous urban smoke. ...

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‘Period hut’ kills a mother and her two sons in Nepal

Age-old practices have considered women to be impure during menstruation. The illegal practice of Chhaupadi is a tradition associated with the me...

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