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Shruthi Venkatesh

Shruthi is an enthusiastic individual from Chennai, Tamilnadu. She loves to write and music and travel are her great passions. She is highly interested in social work and enjoys the company of good friends.

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Research predicts breast cancer can relapse based on ‘internal wiring’

A study published in the journal Nature, shows that breast cancer is equal to 11 separate diseases that each has a different risk of c...

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There she goes… changing gears and riding bikes!

Riding motorcycles have always been the ‘men’ thing. Yet, in the last few years women have taken over to change the concept as a ge...

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‘Think beyond, solve different’, ways to end the Climate woes

The world is burning and many people across the world are seeking bolder action on climate change by governments, businesses and investors. The...

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Children with disabilities more exposed to abuse and violence

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet spoke at a Human Rights Council event highlighting how disabled youngsters a...

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World leaders discuss resolutions for sustainable consumption and production

Over 4,700 heads of state, ministers, business leaders, senior UN officials and civil society representatives are gathering in Nairobi for a me...

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Thousands of Followers and Friends, and yet a Lonely Generation

Report says nearly half of the Millennials feel isolated. Loneliness is a significant problem that can predispose young children to immediate a...

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Gender discrimination in the Sports Industry

Research from Women in Sport has found 40% of women in the sports industry face discrimination because of their sex ...

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India follows China in banning the import of plastic waste

India generates 25,940 tonnes of plastic waste every day. The Indian Government has completely banned the import of solid plastic waste in...

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International Women’s Day, a day for inspiration and change

International Women’s Day is celebrated across the world focusing on women’s achievements from the political to the social, while c...

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‘Own money’ a necessity for a woman’s true independence

Knowledge and awareness about personal finance is an absolute necessity to achieve true independence and equality. In such case, living in a wo...

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