Television’s Otherwise Abled People

When it comes to portraying a mentally imbalanced person on the screen, and I am referring to television, there is a misconception that any character that has retardation i...

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Mind Over Matter

We have a sort of ostrich-effect approach to mental illness. Bury your heads in sand from the impending danger or the unpalatable around you and it ceases to exist. That th...

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Entertainment Education Shows

Entertainment-Education is the process of purposely designing and implementing a media message to both entertain and educate. This is done to increase audience members??kno...

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G20 Summit Highlights

1. Barack Obama is against invading countries that have the ability to conduct democratic elections.

Oh the irony!

2. Australia (To...

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Read this, and then do the maths: How many mango trees before he can count my tears?

In a distant, sleepy village in Uttar Pradesh, whose name I would have never heard had a lot of politicians and news TV's OB vans not landed there...

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The Writer and Publisher: No Holy Marriage This!

When a writer is attacked or hauled to court, who really stays on for the good fight? Author MURZBAN SHROFF breaks his silence.

To all you writers or independent pu...

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The Circle of Life

the circle speaks, seeks a goal

a hole, carved off its own soul
trends! trends after trends
ad infinitum, without ends
some find it delicious
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Time Pass – A Film Review More Of An Afterthought

The taste of first love, the age of innocence, the age old conflict and the nostalgia of it all, unfolds in a Marathi film loaded with honesty and...

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The Cacophony of Rhythm

I just saw an episode of Koffee with Karan featuring Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone. Both these actresses are known for their work in the industry which has given leg...

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Wars Need to be Won on the Inside

Life caged her, death came and freed her!

She radiated hope like a diamond, forever shining, smiling, affecting people with her sense of courage and love for living...

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This Universal Children’s Week, 265 million Children around the World are Working

The International Labour Organisation states in its latest World Report on Child Labo...

November 22 2017

The Breadwinner': Best Animated Feature of 2017

From executive producer, Angelina Jolie and the creators of the Academy Award-nominat...

November 21 2017

The Effects of Virtual Reality on Children

I am standing in the Arkham Asylum. Immersed in the Dark Knight’s universe as I...

November 21 2017