The gender of a sound byte

The gender of a sound byte

by The Daily Eye Team February 10 2015, 11:12 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 52 secs

Dear Barkha, This is taking up from where we last left off. The last time we met at a dinner party in Mumbai, you had enquired why I always turned down requests to appear on your show, and I had mumbled something about “speaking too softly, not being able to shout, feeling awkward to interrupt other people etc,” to which you’d replied, of course correctly, that those were other shows and that you did not conduct slanging matches and in fact gave everyone a fair chance to speak, etc. It’s then that I had prematurely introduced the thought that had been engaging me for a while. “It is my belief,” I’d said in that busy room, barely audible “that the sound byte is essentially a male construct. Women do not speak in sound byte. We are ditherers, when asked a question we like to elaborate, expand, consider all possibilities and try out new ideas even as we speak. 

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