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 There Are No Gharanas, There Is Only Music

There Are No Gharanas, There Is Only Music

by The Daily Eye Team April 7 2017, 1:40 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 50 secs

There are so many memories. First of all it is still not sinking that Kishoriji is no more. It happened so suddenly. In fact, somebody who is known to me and organises music festival every year had spoken to her disciple and fixed a date for a concert on October 14 [this year]. That person called me saying the date has been fixed and [this] morning I got this news. I had a very long association with Kishoriji. It started in 1957, when I met her for the first time in Jodhpur, where there was a radio concert. I had come from Jammu Kashmir and she had come from Mumbai. Then I moved to Mumbai in 1960 and we used to meet regularly at concerts; we used to travel together to different cities where [we would be performing]. I felt was that she was an exceptional musician. There are many great musicians, each have their own qualities but Kishoriji was something totally different from the lot.


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