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Here's why we need more Twinkle Khannas in Hindi film industry

Here's why we need more Twinkle Khannas in Hindi film industry

by The Daily Eye Team February 19 2015, 2:16 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 50 secs

While there seem to be no end to the AIB roast controversy, one must thank God for some sane voices emerging from within the industry. One of them happens to be an interior designer, columnist, star-wife and ‘once upon a time actor’ Twinkle Khanna. Those who remember Twinkle only from disastrous Mela must read newspaper regularly. She writes weekly columns for two dailies. Coming back to AIB roast, the most disappointing aspect of the controversy has been the lack of voices from the industry supporting freedom of expression, they otherwise cry hoarse about it. We haven’t heard any powerful star speak a word, though how we wish Aamir Khan never spoke. So it is refreshingly reassuring to find someone like Twinkle Khanna quietly doing the job for the race . In her weekly column for The Times of India, the actor has raised pertinent questions on freedom of expression and degree of getting offended. Here’s a bit:

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