Climate change is killing our Mother Earth

Climate change is killing our Mother Earth

by The Daily Eye Team August 5 2014, 9:21 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 48 secs

In their own words: indigenous people from Canada, Finland, the US, Guatemala and Peru tell their climate stories From Alaska to Peru, indigenous people across the world are already having to face up to the damage that climate change is imposing on their land. Due to their reliance on the land – culturally, spiritually and physically – indigenous people are one of the most vulnerable to climate risks. But campaigners warn against seeing them as one heterogeneous group. From region to region, the difficulties and opportunities posed by climate change differ wildly. While in the Arctic circle, communities are worrying over thinning ice, in Peru communities are having to deal with the loss of their rainforests. This week at RTCC, we’ve been looking at where indigenous people fit in the climate jigsaw, including their role in the UN, adaptation initiatives in Kyrgyzstan and how a Brazilian tribe is using solar powered smartphones to fight illegal logging

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