Discrimination Runs Deep In India: It's Time To Accept It

Discrimination Runs Deep In India: It's Time To Accept It

by The Daily Eye Team June 17 2016, 10:08 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 42 secs

It was accepting that enslaving another human being is callous that led to the abolishment of the Atlantic slave trade. But it took nearly four centuries to get there. It was accepting that denying women the right to vote was bigotry that led to universal female suffrage. This time, it took a century of struggle. It was accepting that Sati, where recently widowed women were forced to kill themselves on their husband's funeral pyre, was cruel and gratuitous, that led it to be outlawed; but only as late as in 1929. Throughout the recent and distant past, it has taken the extremely challenging but powerful act of acceptance for wrongs to be recognized and for steps to be initiated towards their correction. But it is always a long journey, where history is a continuous argument.


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