Global Climate Deals Should Address India’s Concerns: Survey

Global Climate Deals Should Address India’s Concerns: Survey

by The Daily Eye Team July 11 2014, 8:35 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 58 secs

The two global deals on climate change and sustainable development to be finalised in 2015 should take into account India’s development concerns and requirements, the Economic Survey said today. While climate change and sustainability in India are being mainstreamed in the development process, global cooperation and additional funding are required because the country is constrained in its efforts as many needs are competing for a small amount of resources, it said. Amid rising global temperature and emission, “there is immense pressure on governments to act through two new agreements on climate change and sustainable development, both which will be new global frameworks for action to be finalised next year”, the survey said. The new deals will now apply to all countries unlike earlier agreements — Kyoto Protocol and Millennium Development Goals. “It is important that any future agreement should fully take into account India’s concerns and requirements,” it said. The survey suggested that developing countries should have the “discretion” to fulfil their goals in accordance with their national circumstances through a legally appropriate regime having binding force at national level.

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