Hear What The Penguins Have To Say

Hear What The Penguins Have To Say

by Shubhangi Jena June 29 2017, 2:11 pm Estimated Reading Time: 1 min, 42 secs

 You have been introduced to their spot-on  tactfulness or hilarious shrewdness in the animated movie series “Madagascar.” But there’s a whole new perspective to the lives and behavior of ‘penguins of Antarctica’ which is baffling everyone around the world.

In this video, Harry Smith voyages to Antarctica to track penguins and hunt for certain, unsaid and unheard news. The video begins with Smith rowing a boat and irresistibly charming penguins hopping onto an iceberg in the  backdrop. Nestled in the jaw-dropping scenic beauty of nature’s frozen upholstery, these penguins are sending out some very cryptic yet crucial-to-makind’s survival messages.

Smith tells about the alarming rate of climatic changes, rising greenhouse gases and meets the Ron Naveen the Founder of Oceanites (Ocean-eye-tees) and Dr.Heather Lynch. The sole purpose of Oceanites is to keep a track of the penguin population. Dr.Heather Lynch is a Evolutionary biologist. Oceanites is a benevolent organisation dedicated to tracking the population of penguins and decoding the back-end causes. They reveal how the penguins’ population has been dwindling rapidly and that the temperature in Antarctica has risen to 9 degrees.(which is unsuitable for it’s ecosystem). They also point out how it has stop snowing but started raining. The penguins need snow for their survival. 

What the penguins need is snow and not liquefied snow. The most concern-inducing part is the Brownbluff; snow is a matter of history here. The aftermath are brown patches of dry mountains and the diminishing numbers of penguins. Dr. Heather Lynch says, “ All the species on the planet is gonna have to deal with climate change. But these penguins are dealing with it now.” This indicates the world is soon going to experience the upcoming aftermath of this chaos theory. The changing behaviours of penguins is sending out signals; which the world is oblivion about. The entire scenario translates to an anticipated mega-evolution or the apocalyptic end of an age if allowed to pass unattended.

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