How Farmers Could Help Slow Global Warming

How Farmers Could Help Slow Global Warming

by The Daily Eye Team June 12 2014, 7:35 am Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 39 secs

"Agriculture accounts for eight to 14 percent of all greenhouse gas production globally. We are showing how farmers can help to reduce this number by applying nitrogen fertiliser more precisely," said Phil Robertson of Michigan State University.Nitrogen -based fertilisers spur greenhouse gas emissions by stimulating microbes in the soil to produce more nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is the third most harmful greenhouse gas, behind only carbon dioxide and methane and also destroys stratospheric ozone. The production of nitrous oxide can be greatly reduced if the amount of fertiliser crops need is exactly the amount that is applied to farmers' fields."Simply put, when plant nitrogen needs are matched with the nitrogen that is supplied, fertiliser has substantially less effect on greenhouse gas emission," Robertson noted

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