Women on climate change frontline make big impact on small grants

Women on climate change frontline make big impact on small grants

by The Daily Eye Team December 1 2014, 12:01 pm Estimated Reading Time: 0 mins, 44 secs

In London, Paris and Washington, where leaders have made little progress in curtailing climate change, global warming may seem a merely theoretical problem ? too far in the future, or too far away geographically, to matter. But in remote tropical forest nations and islands, local leaders ? especially women ? are coming up with concrete, effective solutions to combat climate change in their communities. They do so not as a matter of politics, but as a matter of survival. From the rainforests of Guatemala to the islands of Papua New Guinea, rural communities are losing their homes and livelihoods as their regions face bouts of extreme weather and new cycles of drought and flooding. For women on the frontline of these changing landscapes, the devastating effects of climate change are not merely abstract; they can see a future marked by disease, malnutrition and loss of income.

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