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Review: Searching for ‘Happiness’

Originating from a conversation with his seven-year-old daughter, Suman Ghosh’s new film is an ode to the city of Kolkata, writes Read More

Dreaming big for the vulnerable: Chhitra Subramaniam

Vinta Nanda thinks that one of the greatest pleasures of running The Daily Eye is that you wak...

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When Maradona beat Dolce & Gabbana

Asked to name his starting XI in 1990, Argentina’s manager Carlos Bilardo had famously said, “Maradona, and 10 others,” wr...

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Bansi Kaul: Rang Bansi!

He is the chronicler of the theatre of clowns, acrobats, painted faces and laughter, writes Aparajita Krishna

Second Innings: MS Dhoni

It was an unforgettable sunset at 19:29 hours on Independence Day, writes Sandeep Goyal, Read More

My Darkest Time

In this long-short personal story of having overcome a big challenge, Gaurav Jain says, “When you break your leg, you kn...

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The Right Thing

Who would kill a man with a few days to live, unless there is a

reason to silence him?<...

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Producer, Director and Actor Rajiv Kapoor, shared this precious piece written by his school mate John Mani, with me on Whatsapp last night and I publish it here in The ...

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The official selection for the 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival

The 72nd Annual Cannes Film Festival is scheduled to be held from 14 to 25 May 2019, this year. The first look of Cannes poster ...

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#GrownUpGirls – Young women’s dream of adulthood

What do we think of a woman's adulthood? For most, it stops at the idea of marriage and motherhood. #GrownUpGirls is a series of 7 videos where young women...

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