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Aparajita Krishna, here, flashbacks and goes forward with Gopi Desai, Podcaster, Actor, Filmmaker and Writer and Suhail Akhtar...

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Vijay Akela: Bol Rahe!

Aparajita Krishna discusses voice and lyrics with poet-lyricist Vijay Akela - a unique conversation about poetry, vocabul...

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The Oscar Rosters 2022 - A Post Hoc Analysis

A detailed, spoiler free analysis of Oscar nominees and winners, with commendations on why some won, and regrets on why some didn’t, by <...

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PG Digging-Bombay Ishtyle!

Aparajita Krishna remembers being a Paying Guest once, she recalls the famous Ganga Vihar through talks with famous residents ...

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Sagar Sawarkar & the Indian Idol Connect!

Aparajita Krishna travels with Sagar Sawarkar’s musical journey and shares her experience with us.

Not time-pass. Lockdown is time well spent

Senior professionals from various fields talk to Monarose Sheila Pereira about how they have honed various skills during the p...

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Where Eagles Dare

People are experiences and experiences make interesting stories, says Yashika Begwani to me, writes Read More

GoodPitch Local: Call For Gender-Themed Media Projects

The GoodPitch Local Deccan program invites gender-themed media projects to create social impact

Signs of the time: The Trolley Times

No New Years greetings from me to you. There is little to celebrate, writes Humra Quraishi

Making Magic: Nilakshi Sengupta

Vinta Nanda time travels with Nilakshi Sengupta, the author of the book series, TINA AND HER MAGIC KETTLE