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Of Demons And Social Pressure

Of Demons And Social Pressure

by Piroj Wadia December 18 2015, 8:17 pm Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins, 0 secs

Life OK?s new prime time starter is Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re. Unlike its predecessors, it has had an unimpressive beginning. Model Town, the site of the narrative is most contrary to its name ? the citizens would rather walk on the dark side of the moon and instead of precepts for good living, they follow a demonic trail in their everyday life, it includes kids, teenagers and youth alike; while a few look helplessly on this new age Sodom and Gomorrah. Nandu and Raju, the young protagonists hate each other. Nandu practices and believes in discipline and honesty; while Raju is a rake. The beginning episodes focus on the mayhem in Model Town and the fights between Nandu and Raju. The narrative was more vignettes and it could have lost a few viewers. What is apparent for sure is that a Raval, a builder wants Model Town emptied out so that he can build a hotel. His ?agents? which include Raju play on the sentiments of the residents with larger-than-life lures of a luxury home at the other end. Nandu is fighting hard to save Model Town and stop the residents from being lured. Nandu who has befriended a baba is told to get Rambhateri to Model Town. The USP of the show being Supriya Pathak?s return to television, many episodes and weeks into the show did the actress make her first appearance as Rambhateri, a prison activist. Once Rambhateri, comes to Model Town, Raval is a very disturbed man. Quiet observer at first, later Rambhateri sets about revealing that the site of Model Town was once the site of a very famous Ram Leela which drew thousands of people from great distances. She digs up the buried costumes and props. As she does so, she also recites the dialogues. The residents are filled with excitement and as the Ravan didn?t burn on Dassera, she announces a Ram Leela to burn the Ravan. The enactment of the Ram Leela will also ward off Raval, Model Town?s Ravan and his minions. Though close to reality with land development scams, Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re, is beginning to reveal traces of Life OK?s USP for out-of-the-box narratives; as with an enactment of the Ram Leela the residents will be motivated to fight the demonic builder. Though slow to start, it is beginning to grip eyeballs, especially with Supriya Pathak?s performance. The show that grabbed viewers from the very first episode is Parvarrish season 2. Like its predecessor, parenting takes the front seat along with social acceptance and keeping- up- with the Guptas. Old friends Simran and Surinder are old school friends who accidentally reconnect when Surinder and her family move to Delhi from Amritsar for their children?s education. While Simran is working woman with all the trappings of an upper crust Delhite. After a lot of hugging, squealing the friends settle down, and rekindle their old ties with their families. Surinder Kaur represents the traditional family where she and her husband Kulvinder have moved to Delhi with his parents. Simran Gupta and her husband Dr Raj Gupta share the urban family mindset with thousands of such couples who live alone with their children, in this case a single child. Parvarrish 2 is a journey of two families from different social backgrounds, mindsets and habits. Battling with their teenaged children and the latter?s problems. The two female protagonists Gautami Kapoor and Sangita Ghosh are viewers? favourites. The close to reality Parvarrish is the story of so many families across India where parenting and social standing pressure are a daily challenge.

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