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Shyamal Uncle turns off the lights

In the first of a new series on standout Bengali films post 2000, Shantanu Ray Chaudhuri looks at Suman Ghosh’s 2013 fil...

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Sunil Shanbag: A Theatre Yatra!

Aparajita Krishna takes a deep dive into the life and theatre times of Sunil Shanbag and walks you through an interesting tell...

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Sunil Shanbag: A Theatre Yatra! Part 2

Aparajita Krishna continues telling the story of Sunil Shanbag from where she left it in Part 1

Bansi Kaul: Rang Bansi!

He is the chronicler of the theatre of clowns, acrobats, painted faces and laughter, writes Aparajita Krishna

Salim Arif: His Work of Many Parts

It is a daunting task to undertake summarising Salim Arif’s multifaceted talent and work resume in a few pages, writes ...

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Just Carry on: Ebrahim Alkazi

Aparajita Krishna walks you through the life and times of Ebrahim Alkazi; also what it was, that he meant to Indian Theatre.

Seema Kohli: From the canvas of her life and art

Aparajita Krishna deep dives to Seema Kohli’s work and brings to you her thoughts, which influence her art.

The Indian Artist Book of Colour

Teesta Bhandare talks about how this book seeks to help cope with the stress exacerbated by an unforeseen pandemic, especially...

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A Muslim in Bollywood

The mainstream Hindi film industry’s template for the community reflects ideological and political shifts in contemporary India.

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Living in the Troll Age

Fifty years ago, the internet was used as a medium to communicate between two individuals.  Over time, it ...

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