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On World Earth Day that just went by, The Daily Eye Newsdesk visits five women entrepreneurs shaping a sustainable future


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Humra  Quraishi celebrates Sahana Ahmed’s book, Amity Peace Poems, and Shubha Menon’s Resilience: Stories of ...

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AIYANNA 2022: Fashion Graduation Show

Fashion Industry veterans Meher Castelino, Hemant Trivedi, Veera Kapur EE graced their presence at Whistling Woods International’s Fashio...

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Abanindranath Tagore: The enigmatic original who wrote art and painted words

The founder of the Indian Society of Oriental Art, Abanindranath Tagore’s work defies any straightjacketing, writes Shantanu Ray ...

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PG Digging-Bombay Ishtyle!

Aparajita Krishna remembers being a Paying Guest once, she recalls the famous Ganga Vihar through talks with famous residents ...

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Sunil Shanbag: A Theatre Yatra! Part 2

Aparajita Krishna continues telling the story of Sunil Shanbag from where she left it in Part 1

Teachers: Stop systematic destruction of JNU

A press conference was held on 1st March 2021, to reiterate as to why the destruction is unsustainably dangerou...

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Hope Factory: Business Ideas For Everyone

Vinta Nanda chats with Tarun Agarwal, author of Hope Factory: Business Ideas For Everyone, about his latest book and other thi...

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Where Eagles Dare

People are experiences and experiences make interesting stories, says Yashika Begwani to me, writes Read More

Now, over to a Slumtiger Millionaire

Khalid Mohamed reviews the so-so The White Tiger, is impressed by Zid Ki Jeet and thumbs up the golden oldie Indiscreet. Read More