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Grandma Dearest

Film historian Dhruv Somani pays homage to the uncanny life and career of Leela Mishra, the ever-lovable grandma of Indian cin...

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Goodbye FarmVille! It was fun harvesting.

On 31 December, Zynga shut it down, 11 years after a glorious start, writes Carol Goyal


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Run, trailer, run

Khalid Mohamed checks out the Laxmmi Bomb trailer, the by-now iconic series Jamtara and the aptly-titled Poison 2

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Farmlands of Gujarat: Escape for city-dwellers

Photo-feature by Mahipal Vala, on the momentary idyll at his ancestral farmland in Amreli district, Gujarat.

Rina Das’s ‘Village Rockstars’ is now a Path-breaking Film in Assam

Village Rockstars, an Assamese film beats the other big-budget Bollywood blockbusters like PadmaavatPad Man Read More

True Review Movie - Fire Files In The Abyss

Direction: Chandrashekhar Reddy

Duration: 145 Mins*

Fireflies in the Abyss is a sombre look at the plight of the Nepali immigrants. For this endeavour ...

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Environment, Development And The Paradox Of Progress

The wisdom of ancients was cast in proverbial stone when the Atharva Veda extolled believers to worship the environment, and consequently immortalized the message of preser...

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Severe drought in Maharashtra leads to nearly six-fold rise in migration from villages

In an indicator of the severe drought situation due to 67% deficient rainfall in the state, nearly 3.6 lakh people from Maharashtra’s villages have sought daily wage ...

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Inadequate rainfall adds to misery of farmers in Maharashtrawada

Absence of proper rainfall has risked the farmlands of Aurangabad district in Maharashtra and lack of subsequent effective government intervention is leaving farmers with n...

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