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So long, farewell, it’s hard to say goodbye…

I’m a writer, but I am at a complete loss of words when expressing the pain I’m feeling after losing my best friend Rajiv Kapoor, w...

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Takes tea to tango

A photo-essay by Ashis Ghatak on his tea-tasting spree ...

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Tale of Two Cities

A photo-essay by Ashish Ghatak on the striking parallels between Mumbai and his hometown Kolkata.

Aarey Wah!

The government's decision to shift the Metro car shed has met with cheers from environmentalists and activists. These torchbearers speak to Read More

Easy Riders

Rumi Taraporevala narrates his adventures on two-wheelers with his buddies down the roads of M...

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A Bouquet of Talks

This is a bouquet of assorted fragrances, writes Aparajita Krishna

These are narrations t...

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Winter flight to India

A photo-essay by avid bird watcher Kishor Joshi, on the winter flight of rare species of birds to India

Oh Rajasthan!

A photo-essay by Vatsal  Shah of the former royal state of Rajasthan, where tourists and photographers flocked during the...

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An Unwatchable Boy

Khalid Mohamed reviews the web series A Suitable Boy and Mirzapur 2, streaming on Netflix and Prime Amazon Video respectively....

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Songs of Durga puja

Ashish Ghatak writes on the songs of R.D. Burman and Asha Bhosle which continue to resonate during the puja week, which ends t...

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