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Khalid Mohamed spools back to an interview with Shah Rukh Khan on his opening phase of attaining superstardom.

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The Rekha Mystique

Khalid Mohamed escorts us back to an up-close-and-personal interview with the eternally enigmatic Rekha

Lost And Found

Film historian Dhruv Somani, rediscovers the prolific actor-producer Rajan Sippy of the 1980s, to engage him in a conversation...

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Acting ke peeche kya hai?

The ever-charismatic Madhuri Dixit, in a flashback conversation with Khalid Mohamed on how she perfected the art of acting by ...

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Rambha Ho: Never Say Never

“Who says I have quit forever”, asks the screen sensation of unforgettable dance numbers, Kalpana Iyer, in a chat-fest with film hi...

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Voices we miss

Film historian Dhruv Somani, chronicles the popular film playback singers, who are rarely heard today.

Coming of Age: Child stars that could make it big

Film historian, Dhruv Somani, looks back at Bollywood’s babies and moppets who could make that tough transition to leadi...

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Vanished III: The male actors who disappeared from Bollywood

Film historian, Dhruv Somani, concludes his series on t...

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The Guru: Gautam Rajadhyaksha (1950-2011)

Khalid Mohamed writes on the imperishable legacy of the pioneering photographer of celebrity portraits.

Reignmen: Salman, Aamir & Shah Rukh Khan

Khalid Mohamed on why Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan have continued to reign in Bollywood through three decades.  


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