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“Bookshops don’t fail. Bookshops run by lazy booksellers fail.”

With its four-storey outlet in GK-2, Ajay Jain has made Kunzum the new happening place for booklovers in Delhi-NCR. In a conversation with Read More

The Religion, Caste & Poverty Discussion

In continuation of what she’s written earlier, Humra Quraishi is focusing on the young in context to the horrific commun...

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Rocket Girl

Khalid Mohamed interviews Saba Azad, the multi-faceted actor, dancer, theatre director, singer who made an impact with the ser...

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Adil Hussain: The Uncrowned Czar of independent cinema

Sharad Raj walks you through his experience of working with the actor par excellence Adil Hussain.

Catching the moment

Khalid Mohamed discusses the fast-changing dynamics of image-making today with the eminent New Delhi-based still photographer, Prerna Jain