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The Gone Girls

Film historian Dhruv Somani focuses on yesteryear’s gutsy Sheetal and Leena Das, who have vanished into a limbo today. Read More

More about the Hijab

The hijab controversy has gripped the nation. Professionals from various religions speak to Monarose Sheila Pereira about thei...

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Acting ke peeche kya hai?

The ever-charismatic Madhuri Dixit, in a flashback conversation with Khalid Mohamed on how she perfected the art of acting by ...

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So why don’t people wear masks?

The second wave of COVID-19 is affecting the entire country due to which people are requested to stay indoors, writes Jack Dinis. Read More

Teachers: Stop systematic destruction of JNU

A press conference was held on 1st March 2021, to reiterate as to why the destruction is unsustainably dangerou...

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Signs of the time: The vacuum

Humra Quraishi imagines what it would be like if India is to have a ministry of loneliness and leaves you to ponder over a bea...

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The Good Story And The Bad Story

Vinta Nanda reflects on discussions surrounding the OTT guidelines announced by the government of India

Labour, Rights, Disaster and Capitalism

The global pandemic crisis gripping the world currently has claimed over a quarter of a million lives. It has decimated livelihoods and incomes...

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Reignmen: Salman, Aamir & Shah Rukh Khan

Khalid Mohamed on why Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh Khan have continued to reign in Bollywood through three decades.  


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The Khan Syndrome: Are we ready for a New Kind of Hero?

Admit it. We all need a hero - someone whom we can look up to, admire and believe that he represents the zeitge...

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